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New Angels and sustainability

Ecological, fair and vegan

Our goal


Our goal is to make beautiful, comfortable and timeless clothing from the most durable fabrics available. Good quality so that it lasts longer, made in a fair way and still affordable. Our unique designs and exclusive fabrics are completely eco, fair & vegan. The fabrics are super soft, and there are no irritating and itchy labels in the neck for optimal comfort.


Sustainable & ecological


With a view to the future, we use sustainable fabrics, so we put less pressure on the earth and we work towards a more beautiful world for all of us. Ecological, or in conjunction with nature, plants and animals, for a healthy ecosystem. We use environmentally friendly materials such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, ECONYL®, ramie, Tencel and Modal. And of course we have opted for a climate-neutral website.



We are 100% vegan proof, we do not think it is necessary to use animal materials in our collection. Animal-friendly is a bit more pleasant to wear. There are now enough alternatives, such as vegan cork leather.




We take you with us on our search for the possibilities in the field of ecological and ethical fashion. Less burdensome for the earth and rather for nature, people and animals. We like to show you how our items are made, we like to be open and honest about this. We are also aware of our ecological footprint behind the scenes.


Local production


With us you know where your clothing is made, we produce our clothing under fair working conditions. Our production takes place in the Netherlands, with the exception of our first collection. We describe how that happened in this blog. Who Made Your Clothes?

Zero waste


We use our fabrics as economically as possible and take into account the size of the rolls of fabric, so that we use all the fabric as favorably as possible. We use the scraps of fabric to make hair accessories such as scrunchies, hair ribbons and hair bands, nothing is thrown away.




We prefer not to use plastic. Our packaging is plastic-free, and where possible we use other materials, such as metal zippers and coconut buttons. Our clothing and accessories are completely plastic-free.

Limited stock & made to order


We have limited stock of some items, and some items are only made once it has been ordered, or 'Made to order'. For fast delivery we have at least 1 size in stock, the other sizes are made as soon as the order is placed (delivery time is between 2 days and 2 weeks). This way we prevent unnecessary storage, overproduction and waste.


Made-to-measure clothing


Would you like a custom size or a different color? This is possible for a small fee. Contact us for the possibilities. We make tailor-made clothing in our studio especially for you based on the sizes we receive from you. Such an article cannot be taken back by us and used for sale to others. (Read our return policy and our Terms and Conditions). 




We like to recycle. For example, we make new bags and scrunchies from old jeans, and we use the Italian fabric ECONYL® for our swimwear. This recycled nylon fabric is made from old ocean fishing nets. Where possible we reuse (packaging) material.

We support Sea First


New Angels donates to the Sea First Foundation, a Dutch (international) organization that is committed to the oceans and all marine life. We wrote a (Dutch) blog about this. Sea First organizes lectures and they teach at schools. If you also want to support them, you can do so through a donation or by buying books or one of the homemade jewelry. Have a look at their website. “Sea First educates to protect the ocean”

Nice if you buy something at Sea First! What you need to know: your purchase is completely outside of New Angels and you can only order direct from Sea First. Sea First is the only one that earns from your purchase, New Angels does not receive a commission for it.

Happy shopping!