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New Angels Eco Fashion

Eco, Fair & Vegan Fashion

The entire New Angels collection is carefully composed with ecological fabrics and is 100% animal-friendly (vegan), with an eye for detail. Our sustainable clothing is ethically produced and therefore always Fair Made. We find honesty, sustainability, quality and transparency very important. Thanks to our timeless designs, we are not subject to fashion and we ensure that we do not go along with the fast fashion industry.


We believe slow fashion is the future and we would like to contribute to this. Our clothes can therefore be worn for longer. If you have been involved in sustainability and caring for nature for a long time, you will find out that the impact of fashion and textiles on the environment is very large. By offering a fully sustainable clothing line, where pollution and burden are kept to a minimum, we hope to have a positive impact and make a difference. New Angels stands for ecological, fair and animal-friendly fashion.


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Eco Fashion


We only use luxurious, environmentally friendly fabrics for our unique, timeless designs. Sustainable fabrics are ecological, biological and/or recycled fabrics. Each and every one of them the environmentally friendly alternative to the regular fabrics that still dominate the textile market. We try to put a positive spin on this, the more demand there is for sustainable fabrics the more they will be produced. We believe these are the fabrics of (and for) the future. We are aware that we only have 1 planet 'There is no planet B' and we are better off working with nature than against it, with respect for people and animals.


Fair fashion


Fair clothing is very important to us. Given that there is massive exploitation of workers in the clothing industry, and yes, unfortunately still child labour, we think it is extra important to pay close attention to this. Our clothes are made ethically and with love. Recently it is even possible to have some items custom made. Do you want a dress a little longer, or a sweater in a size that is not on the website? Customization is possible for a (small) additional charge.

Vegan fashion


New Angels is a 100% vegan label, no leather, wool, fur or silk is used. To show that things can be done differently, and also to continue to discover for yourself what the new alternative possibilities are. Such as accessories made of cork, a vegan leather.

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We like plastic free, so we don't use plastic as much as possible. We are also very much in favor of zero waste, so we try to prevent waste as much as possible, both with the cutting of the fabrics and with a limited stock. A number of articles can be ordered 'made to order', in other words, it is only made after the order has been placed (this is always indicated with the relevant article). We are a fan of reuse, and we save leftover fabric to make something beautiful later, such as fun accessories, bags and scrunchies.


Everything in reasonableness and feasibility. As a small company, we cannot buy so large that the prices become cheaper, unfortunately. You can't have ethical clothing made for minimal prices anyway. The same goes for ecological substances, which are still fairly scarce and therefore more expensive. In other words: 'good' and 'cheap' unfortunately do not go together. Nevertheless, we do our best to be able to offer affordable sustainable clothing.


New Angels is donates to Sea First “Sea First educates to protect the ocean” We have a warm heart for this organization. They are committed to the oceans and all marine life. 


In short: the entire process of developing our garments has been well thought out. A progressive sustainable clothing brand with respect for people, animals and the environment. Eco, Fair & Vegan fashion. This way you can be sure that you are in the right place at New Angels! 

Ingrid de Haan, owner & founder of New Angels

About me


My name is Ingrid de Haan, I am the owner and founder of the New Angels label. In 2018 the idea for an ecological clothing brand was born and in December 2020 the webshop went online with the first 3 hemp shirts. In my blog I tell you everything about the creation of the collections and what sustainable clothing actually is. It is very interesting to see what is possible, the alternatives that are available and how it can all be just a little bit better. I would like to share this information with you, so that together we can make the world a little more beautiful. I've been eating vegan for 5 years now and now try the 'vegan lifestyle' as much as possible, so a vegan clothing brand fits in very well.

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Lots of love, Ingrid

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