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Eco, fair & vegan


New Angels clothing is ecological and where possible also organic. The unique designs are timeless, animal-friendly (100% vegan) and very comfortable due to the ultra-soft fabrics. Great for a day at home, watching Netflix on the couch, but also for a holiday or a night out. Made from natural and eco-friendly fabrics. 

Warm organic sweater dress

Nice with a jacket or short sweater over it

Jurkje Annabelle, biokatoen | Oker

€ 74,90

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Jurkje Annabelle, biokatoen | Clay

€ 74,90

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Jurkje Annabelle, biokatoen | Black

€ 74,90

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The New Angels sustainable clothing blog


New Angels was born out of pure passion for comfortable clothing and our beautiful planet. Fashion with nature instead of against nature. Natural, organic, recycled and of course vegan. Fortunately, there are many possibilities in the fashion world, for example, there are more and more types of vegan leather and there are many innovative sustainable fabrics. Tremendously interesting. I (Ingrid) write blogs about this, and also give you a look behind the scenes of New Angels. You can read the English blogs here.

Vegan fashion and animal (un)friendly clothes

Vegan is associated with vegan food. That's not surprising, because vegan menus are becoming more and more famous. However, a vegan lifestyle, veganism, is more than that. It is a way of life without using and exploiting animals. In other words, no wool sweater and no leather shoes. There is an alternative for everything nowadays. Every year, billions of animals worldwide are killed for their fur, hair, wool or skin. That can be done differently.

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